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A writing workshop for individuals struggling with addiction and recovery.

L.E.G. (Liberating Expressions to Grow) is a writing workshop created for nonverbal individuals struggling with addiction and recovery

This workshop is designed to use expressive writing to help individuals to open up and deal with substance abuse issues.

L.E.G. gives those that are not verbally expressive a different way to express themselves. It allows individuals that are ashamed or in denial to use second person or third person to openly share their feelings. Those that have a passion for writing can use that creative side of themselves to deal with addictive behaviors. It may open up wounds, but it will also allow individuals to heal those wounds and grow from them.

L.E.G. is an eight week workshop that will consist of four different forms of creative expressive writing.

  • L.E.G. expressive writing will come straight from the core.
  • It will be very personal and emotional. It will hold no regards to form, spelling, punctuation, and verb agreement.
  • L.E.G. will focus on twenty different topics or more relating to substance abuse and recovery.
  • L.E.G. is a no nonsense and no critic zone. Everyone will be treated with respect. If you are an individual striving to obtain and maintain recovery L.E.G.EXTENDS ITS LEG TO YOU!

Our Mission and Vision

  • Our mission is to use written expression to help achieve and maintain alcohol and drug addiction recovery.
  • Our Vision is that the past will no longer be one's definition, by expressing one's self they can be liberated from alcohol and drug addiction. By using a therapeutic method of written expressions one will no longer be stagnant in their growth of achieving and maintaining recovery.


What we offer
  • L.E.G. is an eight week expressive writing workshop, focusing on issues related to alcohol and Drug addiction and recovery.
  • L.E.G. offers a unique written booklet, created by L.E.G. founders and L.E.G. pre-clients. This unique booklet and it's format is set up into four phases.
  • These four phases are designed to help L.E.G. coaches lead our clients into a direction in which to write.
  • L.E.G. offers expressive writing Group workshps to all individuals, but are not limited to: Drug and alcohol treatment centers, youth organizations, Group homes, halfway houses, sober living homes, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, and court mandated Drug programs. If you feel that you or anyone else can benefit from this program, please contact us.


Client Testimonials


Meet the founder of L.E.G.

Tyrah Kingcade

The founder of Liberating Expressions to Grow

"Writing is my passion, helping is my desire, freedom is my goal, and love is what drives me."

Liberating Expressions to Grow (L.E.G.) Expressive writing workshop was built on the foundation of love. As I sat back watching addiction destroy some of my loved ones. I couldn't help asking myself "what can I do to help them?" There was nothing I could do nor anything that I could say to make them stop using. I felt helpless.

As I pondered on the question "what I can do to help"? the feeling of love overpowered me, my compassion was so profound, my desire, need, and want to help was so strong; that it wouldn't allow me to just do nothing.

That love, that passion, and that desire is what inspired me to build Liberating Expressions to Grow and use it as a tool to help people overcome alcohol and drug addiction.

I am a firm believer that there is healing in our words. For those people that don’t speak much, written words are their voice, by utilizing that voice they can be set free from addiction. By using written expressions, they can renew themselves. If they continue to liberate and express themselves, like a seed being watered they will continue to grow.

In my quest to build LEG I have obtained a substance abuse counseling license and certificates in creative writing workshop, creative writing, and poetry. I enjoy volunteering my time and services to homeless shelters, drug treatment facilities, and sober living homes.  I am committed to doing whatever it takes to release those in captivity of addiction!

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Liberating Expressions to Grow

Founder: Tyrah Kingcade

Phone: (414) 534-8448

Address: PO Box 91
Germantown, WI 53022